Stellar Parks


Stellar Parks are defined as rural areas -not necessarily large places- generally belonging to municipalities that protect its night sky enough to allow observational, educational, cultural or recreational activities linked to astronomical events (passing comets, eclipses of the sun and moon, planet alignments, meteor showers, etc.).

 Usually, amateur astronomers can find facilities for observation in a Stellar Park. Since they are close to urban areas, it is necessary to protect them from light pollution, taking advantage of the topography of the location. These actions should be reinforced with specific actions by the municipality or private entities to adapt artificial lighting.

 Those interested in starting the process must submit a completed Application Pack to


ESTELARIOS-Application Pack. Ley datos. 2

List of Stellar Parks

-Centro Astronómico de Tiedra (Cielo y Tiedra)

– Jardín Botánico de Santa Catalina

– Tenerife Sky at Night



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