Starlight Reserves


A Starlight Reserve is a protected natural area where a commitment to protecting the quality of the night sky and access to starlight is established. Its function is to preserve the quality of the night sky and the different associated values, whether cultural, scientific, astronomical, or the natural landscape.

A Starlight Reserve has several areas:

Core or exclusion zone is where the natural lighting conditions and clarity of the night sky are kept intact.

Protection zone: This is located near the core area and serves to cushion the adverse effects associated with light and air pollution that may affect them.

General zone: A nearby area outside the reserve where responsible smart lighting criteria should therefore be applied to preserve the quality of the night sky.

The requirements for a Starlight Reserve specifically address the features, peculiarities and functions of each space, which may relate to the preservation of the conditions for astronomical observation, the conservation of nature, the integrity of nocturnal landscapes or sites of cultural heritage.

The Starlight Reserve concept is accompanied in each case by a Participatory Action Plan and a set of recommendations aimed at preserving or restoring the quality of the night sky, taking into consideration the cultural, educational, scientific and environmental benefits.

More Information about Reserves

–   About the concept:


–   About the procedure:

RESERVA application-pack-inglés-Ley datos

–   The conditions / parameters:

ParametrosReservasStarlight (Español)

List of Reserves

-Los Pedroches. Diciembre 2016

-Gúdar-Javalambre. Diciembre 2016

– Fuerteventura. Marzo 2015


-La Comarca de la Sierra Sur | Marzo 2014.

-La Sierra Morena Andaluza | Marzo 2014. 

– Cumbre de Tenerife, Tenerife | Octubre 2013.

– Parque Nacional, Fray Jorge, Chile | Julio 2013.

-La Palma | Abril 2012.  y

– El Montsec

Starlight Tourist Destinations


Starlight Tourist Destinations are locations with ideal conditions for observing the stars and where light pollution is controlled. This makes them logical destinations for tourism based on the appreciation of the sky as part of the natural world.

A Starlight Tourist Destination must not only prove the quality of its air, and the means to ensure its protection but they must also have appropriate tourism infrastructure (accommodation, means of observation available to visitors, trained staff for astronomical interpretation, etc.) and its integration into nocturnal nature. If the site does not have yet these facilities and activities, the Foundation evaluates the project to develop them in the future.

The Starlight Tourist Certification System was created with the aim of fostering, worldwide, the improvement of the quality of tourist experiences and the protection of the night skies in Starlight Destinations.

The award of Starlight Destination Certification follows a specific procedure established by the Foundation.

More Info

–   General:

–   About the procedure:  

DESTINO application-pack-inglés-Ley datos


–    The conditions / parameters:

ParametrosDestinosStarlight (Español)

List of Destinations

-GÚDAR-JAVALAMBRE (Aragón) Diciembre 2016

-MONFRAGÜE (Extremadura) Noviembre 2016


– TREVINCA (Galicia) Agosto 2015

– PAMPA JOYA (Antofagasta- Chille) Diciembre 2014

– MANO DEL DESIERTO (Antofagasta- Chille) Diciembre 2014

– ALTO LOA (Antofagasta- Chille) Diciembre 2014

-ACADIAN SKIES&MI´KMAQ LANDS (Nueva Escocia-Canada) November 2014

– La Comarca de la Sierra Sur | Marzo 2014

-La Sierra Morena Andaluza | Marzo 2014

– El Teide (Tenerife) | Octubre 2013

– Gredos Norte | Julio 2013

– El Montsec | Marzo 2013

– Granadilla de Abona (Tenerife) | Diciembre 2012

– Reserva de la Biosfera Valles de Leza, Jubera, Cidacos y Alhama (La Rioja) | Marzo 2012

– Isla de La Palma | Abril 2012  y

– Alqueva (Portugal) | Abril 2011

Starlight Rural Hotels and Houses


Starlight Certification for Rural Hotels and Houses is a qualification awarded by the Starlight Foundation to those establishments which, as well as offering accredited quality accommodation, also become involved as active agents in the promotion of the values contained in the “Declaration in Defense of the Night Sky and the Right to Starlight” (“La Palma Declaration”) and which provide their customers with information about Starlight as well as means and instruments for astronomical observation.


Certified Rural Hotels and Houses receive the following from the Starlight Foundation:

– Advice on the acquisition of basic astronomical observation equipment: small telescopes, binoculars, sky charts and other equipment and facilities.

– Aid in measuring the quality of the night sky and advice on where to place the observation instruments.

– Basic training for the personnel of the Rural Hotel or House, if required, in order to work as astronomical monitors.

– Inclusion on the Foundation website, in the section devoted to express publicity of these establishments and their activities.

– The possibility of promotion by other means at the instigation of the Foundation.

– Participation in programs which involve special astronomical tourism offers.

– Advice on how to improve the external lighting of the establishment in order to facilitate night-time observation.

As well as the above, the Starlight Rural Hotel or House may use the Foundation logo in the format it wishes (plaques, flags, advertising, etc).


– To ensure that the quality of the sky in the immediate surroundings is maintained and to report any harm caused by irresponsible lighting.

– To have at least one night telescope available for use by customers and thereby facilitate observation on clear nights. This service may be free or may be charged for, as the establishment wishes.

– To have sufficient binoculars available, in proportion to the number of beds.

– To provide informative material about the night sky (planispheres, sky charts…) to facilitate observation and the identification of objects.

– To provide useful information about local astronomical activities, such as star routes and programmed excursions to any nearby observatories.

– To provide an ongoing supply of information received from the Starlight Foundation or other institutions regarding observable astronomic events (eclipses, alignments, passage of comets…).

– To take the initiative in organizing activities (astrophotography workshops, star nights, specific weekend activities…).

– To have in-house or external personnel who are trained as guides or who have sufficient knowledge to help customers in the interpretation of the sky and the use of the instruments available.


– All establishments wishing to learn more about the certification process can download the following document.

CASAS-HOTELES_Information-Ing.-Ley datos

– Those interested in initiating the procedure must submit a completed Application Pack to

HOTELES-CASAS RURALES application-pack-inglés-Ley datos

List of Starlight Rural Hotels and Houses

-Huerto Alegre

-Argonz Etxea

-Casa Olea

-La Cañada de Monfragüe

-Cuevas Hammam Abuelo José

-El Sosiego

-Hospedería Parque de Monfragüe

-Apus Gaia Guest House

-Balneario de Manzanera-El Paraíso

-El Moral

-Parador de Gredos

-Parador Naturia de Mazagón

-Don Domingo;jsessionid=86B04A832134308E77D3518318E53879?idEquipamiento=19555

-Balcones de Piedad

-Cortijo Los Pradillos

-Los Molinos Turismo Rural

-Aira da Petada

-Mas de Borràs

-Entre Encinas y Estrellas

-El Patio del Maestrazgo

-La Torre del Visco

-Finca San Agustín

-Albergue de Aliaga

– Tambor del Llano

– Cuevas Almagruz

– Parador Las Cañadas del Teide

– Cuevas Algarves de Gorafe

– Cuevas La Granja

– Casa Emblemática San Sebastián

– El Geco Verde

– Santuari dels Àngels (Girona)

– El Milano Real (Sierra de Gredos)

– Masía Mas de Cebrián (Teruel)

– Apartamentos Rurales L’Observatoriu (Asturias, Spain)

– Trout Point Lodge (Canadá)

– El Pósito (La Palma)

– Balneario de Alicún de las Torres (Granada)

– La Posada del Candil (Almería)

– El Carzal (Zamora)

Stellar Parks and Stellarium

Stellar Parks

Stellar Parks are defined as rural areas -not necessarily large places- generally belonging to municipalities that protect its night sky enough to allow observational, educational, cultural or recreational activities linked to astronomical events (passing comets, eclipses of the sun and moon, planet alignments, meteor showers, etc.).

 Usually, amateur astronomers can find facilities for observation in a Stellar Park. Since they are close to urban areas, it is necessary to protect them from light pollution, taking advantage of the topography of the location. These actions should be reinforced with specific actions by the municipality or private entities to adapt artificial lighting.

 Those interested in starting the process must submit a completed Application Pack to


Stellariums are a simple, permanent infrastructure installed in areas with a clear, dark sky. They allow leisure activities related to the contemplation of the stars and astronomical observation.

 They are “viewpoints open to the sky”, promoted by governments, organizations or private entities to encourage interest in the contemplation of the heavens and astronomical knowledge among the public.

 Stellariums are intended to facilitate the cultural and educational knowledge of the Universe and provide a basic tool to groups and associations of amateur astronomers for their observations.

 These facilities can be located in places with good sky quality (Reserves / Destinations) or locations with a lower quality sky but with good conditions to for observation.

 Those interested in starting the process must submit a completed Application Pack to


ESTELARIOS-Application Pack. Ley datos. 2

List of Stellar Parks

-Centro Astronómico de Tiedra (Cielo y Tiedra)

– Jardín Botánico de Santa Catalina

– Tenerife Sky at Night


A camp is also an important learning tool for young people. The Foundation qualifies as “Starlight Camps” those accredited facilities that organize activities to promote awareness of the starry sky as part of nature and offer sustainable tourism that respects the environment and protects the night sky. A Starlight Camp must also meet minimum quality levels and in this regard, the Foundation takes into account the activities organized, the audience it addresses, the facilities available and the geographical space where it is located.

CAMPAMENTOS-Información. Ley datos. 2

CAMPAMENTOS-Application Pack. Ley datos 2

List of Camps

-Campalta AB


-Bassegoda Park


Starlight Certification for Restaurants is a qualification awarded by the Starlight Foundation to those establishments which, as well as offering accredited quality, also become involved as active agents in the promotion of the values contained in the “Declaration in Defense of the Night Sky and the Right to Starlight” and which provide their customers with information about Starlight as well as means and instruments for astronomical observation.

RESTAURANTES-ApplicationPack-español. Ley datos. 2

RESTAURANTES-Información. Ley datos. 2

List of Restaurants


Starlight Wilderness

It is a qualification designed for applicants (institutions, organizations, individuals) who simply want to qualify and certify the quality of the sky in an area over which they have competence but no immediate intention of developing astronomical, tourist or any other activities.

Locations which already have a program of educational, cultural and other activities will be classified as Stellar Parks.

 In addition to the certification that qualifies the sky, the Foundation, in these cases at the request of stakeholders, offers to conduct a consultancy study to consider which astronomy-related educational or tourism possibilities could be developed in these places.

List of Starlight Wilderness

-Don Domingo (Santiago-Pontones)

Other Modalities

The Foundation is open to the possibility of awarding other accreditations to those spaces or places that meet a number of less restrictive conditions and which are favorable to the contemplation of the stars. To award the certification, the Foundation will study the resources and the values of the location, the qualifications of the management team, etc. These may be, for example, certain routes or camps.





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