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Starlight Guide Course

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In specialized tourism, the figure of the guide plays a vital role. They are legally qualified professionals who are dedicated to providing information, guidance and / or assistance services to groups of people on trips and visits to places of cultural, historical, ethnological, ecological, geographical or scenic interest.

 Their mission is to lead the visitors, by day or night and interpret for them the cultural and natural heritage of an area, the values of the starry sky and the tools and resources for contemplation.

 The Starlight guide is trained and certified to lead groups at night or in the daytime, helping them to enjoy the contemplation of the Universe and the natural surroundings, interpreting their values informatively from their knowledge of the universe, seen as a whole and of which humans form a part.

 The guide is a tourist professional, specially trained to explain astronomy and to use advanced technical observation equipment, a promoter of respect for nature and its protection, particularly the night sky, as the heritage of all.

 A Starlight guide knows the cultural dimensions of gea, fauna and flora of the area where he or she works, as well as its history and human activities, in order to convey a complete picture of the environment. With this specific training course, the guide is also qualified to work in the observatories of the Institute of Astrophysics of the Canary Islands.

Starlight Astronomy Monitors Course


In astrotourism, when guiding groups, each site offers features that differ, in general, to those of a professional Astrophysical Observatory.

 This situation, combined with the characteristics of each place (gea, flora, fauna, landscape, lodging, trails and star viewing points…) and the interests of those who go there, requires the specific training of people who, not being guides as such, acquire general knowledge about how to lead groups on trails, star viewing points and how to use small observation instruments, interpret the sky with the naked eye; helping tourists during events like eclipses; passing comets; meteor showers, etc. They should also know about other features, facilities and types of visitors to the environment in which they work.


Starlight Course on the Prevention of Light Pollution

CURSOS PREVENCIÓN...-800px-México_City_at_Night_2005 copiaThe course is aimed at all technical experts and managers in the field of outdoor lighting and ambient lighting in general, including companies, technical firms, administration staff responsible for the urban planning, as well as designers and lighting technicians related with tourism, trade and services.


FundacionStarlight069Starlight Auditor Course

One of the stages of Starlight certification is the performance of an astronomical audit of those spaces that have applied for accreditation. In the case of Starlight Tourist Destinations, an astrotourism is also required.

 In this regard, the Starlight Auditor training course aims to train people with experience in the field to perform these operations.


6 pensamientos en “Education and Training

  1. Buenas tardes,
    Soy guia oficial de Canarias y estoy muy interesada en la formación starlight y en el turismo estelar. Querría saber si cuentan con celebrar alguna convocatoria a este respecto.
    Saludos y gracias

    Me gusta

    • Buenos días Nayra. De momento no hay fecha para la próxima convocatoria, pero guardamos tu email de contacto y en cuanto se convoque te avisaremos para que puedas inscribirte. Un saludo y buen día.

      Me gusta

      • Sin problema José Luis. Incluyo su nombre y su correo en nuestro listado para avisarle en cuanto haya una nueva convocatoria. Muchas gracias por su interés. Un abrazo.

        Me gusta

    • Buenos días Alfredo! Muchas gracias por participar con nosotros. Ya te hemos agregado como amigo en Facebook y te agradecemos mucho tu preciosa foto desde La Gomera. Por supuesto tomamos nota para irte informando de cursos… Un abrazo.

      Me gusta


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