Starlight Tourist Destinations™

Starlight Tourist Destinations


Starlight Tourist Destinations are locations with ideal conditions for observing the stars and where light pollution is controlled. This makes them logical destinations for tourism based on the appreciation of the sky as part of the natural world.

A Starlight Tourist Destination must not only prove the quality of its air, and the means to ensure its protection but they must also have appropriate tourism infrastructure (accommodation, means of observation available to visitors, trained staff for astronomical interpretation, etc.) and its integration into nocturnal nature. If the site does not have yet these facilities and activities, the Foundation evaluates the project to develop them in the future.

The Starlight Tourist Certification System was created with the aim of fostering, worldwide, the improvement of the quality of tourist experiences and the protection of the night skies in Starlight Destinations.

The award of Starlight Destination Certification follows a specific procedure established by the Foundation.

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–   About the procedure:  

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List of Destinations™

-GÚDAR-JAVALAMBRE (Aragón) Diciembre 2016

-MONFRAGÜE (Extremadura) Noviembre 2016


– TREVINCA (Galicia) Agosto 2015

– PAMPA JOYA (Antofagasta- Chille) Diciembre 2014

– MANO DEL DESIERTO (Antofagasta- Chille) Diciembre 2014

– ALTO LOA (Antofagasta- Chille) Diciembre 2014

-ACADIAN SKIES& MI´KMAQ LANDS (Nueva Escocia- Canada) November 2014

– La Comarca de la Sierra Sur | March 2014

-La Sierra Morena Andaluza | March 2014

– El Teide (Tenerife) | October 2013

– Gredos Norte | July 2013

– El Montsec | March 2013

– Granadilla de Abona (Tenerife) | December 2012

– Reserva de la Biosfera Valles de Leza, Jubera, Cidacos y Alhama (La Rioja) | March 2012

– Isla de La Palma | April 2012  y

– Alqueva (Portugal) | Abril  2011



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